June 13, 2024In News

Masa de Sor Ynez: handcrafted masa for everyone.

Masa is made fresh every week with a limited quantity available. Ordering is available during Thursday-Sunday linked here.

Summer of 2024 marks the launching of our first lineup of products including white corn tortillas and masa available to purchase in-house and online through our website. Through our masa, we can connect people to the rich history and flavors of heirloom maize sourced from Mexican farms. All masa products are made in-house by Mexican chefs from sunrise to sunset–handcrafted masa for everyone.

Corn is the backbone of Mexican cuisine. From the inception of Sor Ynez, it was clear that the story wouldn’t be complete without controlling the masa production process in-house, from sourcing the maize to the nixtamalization and milling process. Our homemade masa has many health and sustainability benefits. It is non-GMO, supports small independent agriculture in Mexico, maintains ancient heirloom lineages, and is easily digestible and adaptable for consumers with active lifestyles. Most importantly, Sor Ynez’s masa production has generated jobs for our small, talented prep team, who finally have an outlet for a tradition they learned at a young age. Sor Ynez is excited to offer our product to the home cook, in the form of fresh masa to fulfill your greatest masa dreams, a convenient 12-pack for an elevated taco night experience, or as a side for your next carne asada cookout.