Meet our muse!

Sor Juana Ynez de la Cruz was a 17th century scholar, poet, composer, nun, and feminist, living in "New Spain" (aka Mexico). She taught herself Greek, Roman, and the language of the Aztec - and all Nahuas speakers of Mexico - Nahuatl! She used her keen intellect to question misogyny, hypocrisy, and colonialism. She remains a beloved figure in Mexico.

Our team

Executive Chef

Alex Tellez was born in Mexico City and raised in New Hope, PA. He credits his cooking style to his family and heritage and is influenced by the vibrant Mexican culture that they celebrate. Alex is further inspired by the reactions of diners tasting his creations, and he enjoys observing how Mexican culture continues to impact and influence the culinary scene in Philadelphia. When he isn’t cooking, Tellez enjoys visiting wineries and breweries, playing soccer and gardening. His favorite dishes are pozole and tlacoyos.


Jill Weber is a professional archaeologist and restaurateur. She is always looking for ways to celebrate and honor the ancient peoples and cultures that formed our world and continue to influence our culture and cuisine. The intersection of people, food, and history looms large in Jill's professional research and her personal hobbies; Jill is a nomad at heart and loves to immerse herself in other places and perspectives.


Miguel Antonio Horn is an internationally renowned artist, working in large-scale sculptural installations. His work is installed locally and internationally in urban and natural environments. A Philadelphia native, he called Mexico City home for years while working in the arts and culture sector.
Sor Ynez's interior is inspired by the rich legacy of craft and artisanship that define contemporary Mexican design. The dining room recalls interiors of Mexico City's once decadent Casonas, whose histories are recorded in their layers of plaster finishes. The creative reuse of these spaces as by contemporary designers have reinvigorated the traditions of carpentry, ceramics and textile workers that established the rich culture of artisanry in the country.
We celebrate that legacy of artisan innovation by sourcing the furnishings of the restaurant from contemporary designers and artisans in Mexico that continue these traditions. Just as the restaurant highlights the natural splendor of the traditional ingredients in Mexican cooking, the restaurant furnishings celebrate each raw material's inherent beauty and the visible mark of the artisans that worked them.
Artist Luren Jenison of XOXO beautifully "transported" the plastered Casona walls to Philly.